Seamlessound is Jonathan Mohs and Benjamin Allison doing what they know and love…providing you with the best possible sound for your project.


Our service is unique in that we specialize in the handling of ALL aspects of sound for your visual media projects – that is; from planning to recording, post production to the final product (screen) and everything in between.  Seamlessound creates an environment where the sound can take the path of least resistance by avoiding complicated transfers, conflicts of interest, and messy handoffs.  


This is a more efficient work flow that yields better results by never losing sight of your all important vision, ensuring that your images truly come to life.  We think this is a better way to do sound...and we think you will too.


We are also happy to insert ourselves at any point of the process as well for those who only need certain aspects of the services we provide. Anything you need we are happy to supply.

"I can't say enough great things about Ben and Jon at Seamlessound.  After working with them on multiple projects I know I won't hire anyone else for sound/audio when I do my next project.  Not only are they responsible, loyal & extremely professional but they're fun to work with.  I'd recommend them to anyone in the business."


- Brandon VanVliet

Producer, Owner

Restraining Hollywood